When you share an affiliate link as a Cubebrush seller or partner, you'll earn 10% of any and all sales generated via your link. We've all heard before we have to work hard to earn money - this might be the exception to that rule.

Imagine you share a link to a $50 product on your social media pages. Over the following week/month/year, 100 people end up purchasing the product after clicking your link, for a total of $5000 in sales. You get to keep 10% of that - $500! 

Affiliate links are an incredible way to earn extra income as a Seller, or as a primary source of income as a Cubebrush Partner.

...but what are affiliate links?

2 Types of Cubebrush Links

There are 2 types of links you will find on Cubebrush, those are:

  1. Long URLs - For example https://cubebrush.co/claymanstudio/products/mttdiq
  2. Short URLs (Shortlinks) - For example http://cbr.sh/gl189m

Both these web addresses link to the same page/product, but are obviously different. Shortlinks exist to make sharing on social media easier, but they come with some cool quirks we'll take a look at in more detail below.

As a seller, you have your own unique shortlinks that are different from those the public sees when visiting your pages. You have shortlinks for your store as a whole, and for each of your products individually.

Affiliate Links

An affiliate link is any link after which you add a referral code: ?ref=username (replace "username" with your actual username!)

Any web address on Cubebrush can be turned into an affiliate link by adding your own code to it.

If someone visits that link and makes a purchase, any purchase, you'll get 10% of the price paid added to your own Balance for having helped close that sale.

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2 Types of Affiliate Links

You can add your referral code to Long URLs or Shortlinks alike.


  • Long URLs - cubebrush.co/claymanstudio/products/mttdiq?ref=username
  • Shortlinks - cbr.sh/gl189m?ref=username

This feature is available to you by default as a Cubebrush sellers which means you can start to generate affiliate sales right away by adding your referral code to any Cubebrush URL.

Automated Affiliate Links

Understandably, manually adding your affiliate link code to every URL you share can be tedious - but what if you didn't have to, while still benefitting from all those sweet affiliate sales?

As a seller you have the option to automatically add your referral code to all your own shortlinks. To enable this feature, simply visit your Store settings page and enable Affiliate Links.


When the feature is enabled, all you'll have to do is share your shortlink (or any shortlink on Cubebrush) as you would normally. Those shortlinks will now allow you to generate affiliate sales without the need to add your referral code to them. 

For example, sharing your shortlink cbr.sh/gl189m would not only trigger the low transaction fee of 5%, but it would also give you 10% of each sales made after a person visits that shortlink -  whether the sale is for that product or a different one.

It's a no brainer. There's no easier way to offset your transaction fees and generate extra money!

Make sure you enable your affiliate link feature!

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