As a store owner on Cubebrush you can always submit any of your products, free or paid, for consideration to be included as a weekly freebie, sent to our growing list of users. This in turn usually results in a large amount of new traffic and followers.

It's super simple to submit your products, simply mouse-over any of them, click "Submit as freebie" and you're done.


They will remain up for consideration for as long as you don't click the "Remove from freebie" button. 


If your product is selected by our staff for inclusion in the newsletter, we will automatically change the price to "Free" for 7 days, and change it back to its original price once the week is over.

When a product is chosen to be featured this way, it can't be edited for the first 24h after the newsletter is sent. It can however be edited after the first 24 hours, but any edit will result in the product being removed from the public selection of freebies for that week.

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