This feature opts-in your store’s products to be advertised on external social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram).

Product sales generated as a result of our marketing team's effort come at a reduced revenue share for creators since more resources are required on Cubebrush's part.

  • Sellers will earn 30% of the revenue for products sold that way
  • Cubebrush will earn the remaining 70% share of the revenue

While this might seem substantial, the vast majority of the revenue goes to cover the cost of paid ads and labor. The lower revenue share for creators allows us to maintain our base revenue share and invest the rest towards directly marketing your products. 

All sales generated this way will be categorized as "Fees - External Ads" on your Balance page for full transparency.

You can opt-in or out at any time.

Please keep in mind your products are not guaranteed to be selected for paid ads, opting-in simply allows our marketing professionals to consider them. If you chose not to opt-in, we won't select from them.

 We only take our share of the revenue when a sale is made. There is no cost to you, the seller. 


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